Ethnobotanical Database of Bangladesh (EDB) 3.1
Plants of Bangladesh

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Posted Comments

To further my research I found the taxonomy of each plant in which my secondary metabolites are most abundant. Information was taken from the Ethnobotanical Database of Bangladesh Manoa Ethnobotany Blog
Posted by Sampine at 2012-01-04 10:15:12
To further my research I found the taxonomy of each plant in which my secondary metabolites are most abundant. Information was taken from the Ethnobotanical Database of Bangladesh
Posted by Sampine at 2012-01-04 10:09:38
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Posted by Positive Reviews at 2011-07-10 11:53:49
sir Take my salam. I am highly happy to see this page. I am searching from many days like this information. Do you work any agriculrure organisation. If does add me . I want to work on this. Best wishes. Rafikul Islam Sher-e Bangla Agricultural University, Dhaka
Posted by Rafikul Islam at 2011-06-28 02:33:34
wonderful work...
Posted by Tassadoq Mueen at 2011-06-02 13:54:58
I am so agree about the Ethnobotanical of Bangladeash!!!!it is great.
Posted by Harris H at 2011-05-25 15:49:17
Had you to produce the herbal pharmacitycal???
Posted by Harris H at 2011-05-25 15:46:55
very warm Congratulations. You did a super fine job. This is an extraordinary website which will help the interested people a lot regarding the plants of Bangladesh. Go ahead. All the best and good luck.
Posted by Professor Muhammad Mahmudur Rahman, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh. at 2011-05-07 21:52:00
This website is a brilliant idea!! Wish you every success on this job!
Posted by Abira khan, Dhaka at 2011-03-22 18:58:54
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