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Indigenous knowledge for sustainable development

  Indigenous knowledge (IK) and technologies are based on proper use of local resources for food production. The production practices that existed in the resources poor agricultural sector such as, agroforestry, integrated pest management, integrated nutrient supply and recycling, multiple cropping system, integration of livestock, water harvesting and conservation, and selection and breeding of crop and livestock, based on maximum local resource use that forms one stable agro- ecological system for sustained food production (Reijntjes et. al., 1992). Application of IK, skill and technologies on integrated nutrient supply and pest management, appropriate selection of crop varieties and animal breeds, high internal regeneration, help to make the resources poor agricultural system viable and sustainable as it prevent the over exploitation and degradation of local natural resources and enhance food production. Sustained food production in this context refers to the capacity to remain productive while sustaining the resource base. Therefore, the basic indicator of sustainable resources poor agricultural system is the ability to maintain and enhance its production performance without damaging long term production potential which are rapidly damaging by the external modern technological interventions. Sustainable agriculture in resource-poor countries is characterized by: optimal use of local resources and supplemented by external inputs, use of available local knowledge and experiences, maintenance of biological diversity, increase soil water conservation capacity, use of risk aversion measures, pest management and suppression, enhanced nutrient recycling, mobilization of common property resources, etc. (Pretty, 1995). The resources mobilization by those interrelated components is the potential features of IK and technologies. One of the basic challenges of sustainable agriculture is to make better use of local resources (Pretty, 1995) which can be meet by minimizing external inputs and regenerating internal resources more efficiently. The indigenous farming systems in the developing countries clearly exemplify this ability.